In December 2016, United Arab Emirates President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan declared 2017 as The Year of Giving. By this declaration every person, firm, sector, and department started to plan their initiatives to give all their efforts to people, and societies. Masaar is not new to Corporate Social Responsiblity. We worked on a number of projects of different aspects in that scope before, and the Year of Giving is just another reason to go further in that direction.

It might seem that the IT field is incapable to give since we work – mostly – on a virtual world we call the web. But, it’s the opposite. Platforms such as Wikipedia, Creative Commons, or any kind of online charities all are good examples of the IT givings. Back to us, how can we give? It’s simple, we can build a charity website free of charge, or create a smart app to help in emergency situations. Also we can build a knowledge sharing platform the possibilities will never end, they are unlimited!

We are ready to help, to give without saving efforts, for details please contact us. Together we can give even more.