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It’s the time for a refresh.

For the past six years we had communicated with our customers and partners using the-then all-new logo. Masaar re-branding was intended to introduce the forward thinking our team has. The logo was shaped by two aspects; First, the forward direction of Masaar, and secondly, a reflect on Masaar-word Arabic meaning–A path to follow. The impression the logo leaves on those who look at it is very satisfying.

Yet, we are geeks. Geeks don’t settle. Wet like keep things updated always. And, what’s better than a random update? A meaningful update. We visited our typeface of choice. We moved from a set of several choices for printing and web to a single typeface “to rule ’em all”. Our selection was inspired by our aspired leadership in UAE–Dubai Font. Dubai Font is a modern multi-glyph font; Arabic and Latin. It is intended for use in both print and web formats. It’s the result of Dubai’s vision and Microsoft long experience in developing fonts. The font tagline is “#EXPRESSYOU”, which reflect on the nature of the font–A font to be used by everyone to express anything, everywhere. We couldn’t find a better font, typeface and story wise. Today we set Dubai Font as our official font for all our uses.

Another change is touching our selection of colours. We are revisiting our main colours palette for both printing and web formats in order to deliver more strong message with them. A message that shows our strong bonds with our culture. We are opting-in for a “Blackened Pearl” for our black which is inspired from the nights our ancestors spent hunting for pearls. Our desert is right in the middle of the new visual identity with “Freesia“; A colour inspired by our golden sand dunes. Lastly, our foggy dusk dawns with the “Bright White“. The new colours can be seen in action in our website and in our visual artworks that we develop.

With 2017 marking our 10th. anniversary we are looking forward for the silver jubilee in 2032 with all the challenges it take to get there, charged by our always innovative spirit of Masaar team inspired by our leadership in UAE and the enthusiasm of our customers.