Before getting the Motodar brand, the found of Motodar was publishing the cars ads on Instagram under the name “cars for sale in UAE”. The founder approached us to help him develop visual identity and a marketplace to match his growing demand on ads-publishing.



Web marketplaces are among the most exciting projects. We get this kind of projects as a chance for us to provide our customers with technologies and solutions that they couldn’t see themselves getting. The challenge, though, is to get a tech-savvy solution that assures a happy customer by not compromising on their ideas.



Before we began even talking about the marketplace, we sat together with the founder to develop the visual identity. We helped suggesting names and ideas about what could be the-next-big brand of cars marketplace. We finally could get Motodar name to live, while the other brand-suggestions were killed for various reasons. The colours of the brand had been chosen wisely; We selected range of colours the reflected on the energy the founder is putting with his enthusiasm on the project. Under the hood, the website served as an entry-level CRM solution, giving the founder a chance to manage the paid accounts and promotions. The CRM solution also served as an interface for the users of Motodar web marketplace to get an overview of their listings and account.



Motodar is one of the most important brands in selling and buying cars today in UAE. The listings on the web marketplace and the Instagram account have high impressions levels resulting in better performance of the listings sales. The marketplace was also expanded on a later stage to include jet boats, cars plates, and phone numbers to it. The new additions in the marketplace resulted in making the marketplace a very appealing place to always-returning-users who would buy and sell from the listings of the platform.



Some features in the web marketplace are first in UAE. Masaar had provided very advanced tech support to the web marketplace to keep it ahead of the competition in the market.