IBDAA is not your common business consultancy agency. We knew that when we had our first session with IBDAA founder and CEO, Mr. Khamis Alshamsi who talked about launching a complete new sector of business consultancy in UAE–Business consultancy that is based on providing IT solutions. The idea sounded very exciting to us. We were aware this is an all-new project to us. We were requested to build an Arabic-first Customer Relations Management solution for IBDAA, beside the work on the official website as well.



A CRM solution is always a challenge, an exciting challenge. It gives us the chance to explore business areas that we might have zero-knowledge about. Beside the usual CRM challenge, working with IBDAA brought us an additional one–Working on developing a backend solution that can be used to provide IBDAA customers with tailored solutions based on their business requirements. Building this structure was a hit-exciting challenge.



We worked very closely with the CEO of IBDAA in order to catch a glimpse of all the business aspects of his new agency. We then created storyboards and workflows for the CRM solution designated for IBDAA internal usage and as a backend for the later-to-come projects. As due to the complexity of the solution we were working on, changes had to be put in place to make sure we get in results of the development process the solution IBDAA are looking for. In parallel, we were working on the website. The website was, just like the CRM solution, Arabic-first. The website reflected the innovative spirit IBDAA would reflect on its customers.

The development stage was set into a multi-stage process. That helped us be assured, with every step that we are taking into the development, we were on the right path to get an integrated solution that matches IBDAA creative ambitions.



With the delivery of the website and the first stage of the CRM solution; The internal management system, we scored a happy customer. The delivery also marked a very important stage for Masaar–We signed a strategic partnership deal with IBDAA to provide them and their customers with all the required tech support and develop on their behalf the IT solutions they would pitch for their customers. The deal also gave Masaar a new market to endure, providing the new entrepreneurs with business consultations on the fly as part of their projects with Masaar, which would help the aspire dreamers in realising their dreams.



Due to the patented nature of the work on this project, few details were cropped-off in order to protect IBDAA intellectual property.

This project was patented during the development process and its patents belong to IBDAA and we received a written permission before publishing this case study. Any copying of this case study, its details, or any of the details about IBDAA-patented solutions could result in legal actions.