As a result of working with few governments departments in Umm Al Quwain–One of the seven Emirates of the UAE, we were approached by Umm Al Quwain Civil Defense General Directorate to develop a website for their department to mark a footprint for the department in the web universe.



The main challenge of working with any governments department is complying with the strict standards they have to follow and in results are forced on such projects. One of the main aspects of choosing us beside having a history with other governments departments is that we are Arabic Native. Governments departments prefer agencies that are Arabic-first so that they don’t compromise on the  Arabic representation, while still keeping high standards for the delivered project.



As any website project, we had introductory session with the media team in Umm Al Quwain Civil Defense to share with them the state of tech and pitched them for some general ideas that we can introduce in the website. We had positive response that resulted in setting a later session which we pitched a website design and features based on the first session brainstorming. We got the green light to go ahead within the session. That was a huge success for us as governments departments usually take longer to approve any project due to the structure of those departments.

As we worked on the actual development of the website, we partnered with the General Directorate to setup the social accounts and set the preferences with them to meet their requirements. We did so to have a full solution provided for the department by the time the website project is ready to go live.

The website undergone some changes at a later stage courtesy of applying the governmental standards. By the time we were ready with the website to be deployed, we partnered with translation services agency to translate the website content to English as to save the effort of the media team in the General Directorate of Umm Al Quwain Defencse for the stories publishing while we take care of everything else.

Upon website deployment we had stroke a mid-term website management and maintenance partnership with the department in order to provide the website with the security updates and required tech support at any given time.



We could say we had “yet another happy customer” when we published the website. We had huge appealing for the website from the department and from the visitors who found another modern channel to reach the department and get to know about it, its stories and get in touch with the General Director from the website directly. And we continue to provide them with tech support for their tech requirements.



This case study doesn’t come to mention some of the procedures followed by governments department such as tenders as it exposes some data that could be sensitive.