Alfakhama is the pioneer of eastern Europe travels in the UAE. Alfakhama has busy business days, arranging trips for the new and current customers to their featured destinations. Alfakhama requested us to design and build website and a Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution to assist them in providing better services to their customers.


Every CRM project we worked on had one major exciting challenge; Getting to understand the business model the project is designated to improve. Alfakhama was no exception. This was our first time to work on a CRM solution to manage a travel agency. And, as no exception, again, we were so excited to go on a new challenge.



We initiated a survey that included all the staff with their different designations. The survey that we setup for this kind of projects is very essential; It gives us a total and clear idea on how does the firm work and how can we inject our integrated solutions within the current business model. After exploring all the areas the survey has covered we moved onto building a concept for the proposed solution. We finalised the CRM concept after few retouches with the board of Alfakhama, and we started the development stage. In parallel, we started working on a concept for a website that would have backend linking with the CRM solution in order to reflect the most up-to-date data on the website of Alfakhama.

When the first beta version of the CRM solution was ready, we moved to the data entry stage where we worked together with Alfakhama staff to make sure the solution is able to handle the data of Alfakhama. After a succeful testing stage we announced internally the solution is ready to deployed.



With the right mindset we could reach good understanding of the business model an exceptional travel agency like Alfakhama has. Our solution is being used in Alfakhama to manage all the business aspects of the agency, and to provide their customers better experience every time they reach Alfakhama for any of their travel requirements.